Drupal 8 & 9 module development: start with custom entities

High quality course offering an introduction to custom entities, entity forms and object oriented Drupal. Code included!

This is 2h 30min video course is chapter 3 of the "Learning Drupal 9 as a framework", the best-selling Drupal book on Leanpub. 

Join me in an interesting journey of learning the Object-oriented architecture behind entities in Drupal. In this hands-on course, a part of an offer software where users are able to create offers will be created.

Only 20$

PDF with text and code available per chapter. Please read the table of contents carefully to know what to expect!

This is the ideal introduction for custom module development with Drupal.

We'll start by creating a custom entity from scratch. Custom-tailored access handling is one of the a-ha moments you will have in this course. Remember the difficulties with separating access between node types, right?

We'll make the entity fieldable, and add a media library where users can upload images.

Next, we'll head on towards creating a multi-step entity form. So much more user-friendly than the one-page node creation form you know. I promise you will uninstall the node module on some drupal websites sooner or later after taking this course.

Impress your coworkers with Drupal skills that are rather new but extremely powerful.

What you'll learn

  • Set up a custom content entity
  • Add fields to a custom entity
  • Build a multi-step entity form and submit data to the database
  • Create a listing of the custom entities with views
  • Secure access with permissions
  • Use theming hooks and twig files to custom-tailor displaying